Video Tour: Home Office Idea that Boosts Productivity

How would you like to work overlooking a spectacular city skyline?

Giving your creativity and productivity a boost can be done in different ways. But one man in some big city in the world had a brilliant idea that afforded him a beautiful scenery while at work. Watch the video tour below to see how a man designed his home office for an impressive space ideal for both work and play.

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Summer Home Designs to Brighten Your Day

Each time summer kicks, our drive to fill our space with liveliness and dynamism heighten. Because the most exciting season of the year deserves a home that loves the sun and energy, we use bright colors to give life to our spaces. Check out our compilation of lively home designs to the match the fun season.

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Walkthrough: Incredible 400-sqm Apartment Maximizes Space

It’s amazing how one can make the most of space with proper interior design. Watch this walk-through video to see how the designer takes advantage of every space it has for a small yet liveable home.

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WATCH: Arranging a Small Bedroom Made Easy

Tiny rooms can have big designs. Space does not have to be a constraint. When your creativity is boundless, the four corners of your room can expand for a beautiful design. Make small space work to your advantage. Learn the easy tricks to arrange your tiny room into a safe, comfy refuge.

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Tech Forecast: Home Office Gadgets Years From Now

Home office living is the future of work-life balance.  And it does not only demand for spaces that are conducive to work and residential lifestyle. It is expected for innovative gadgets and technology to emerge to meet the demands of a dynamic home office lifestyle.



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12 Fantasy Furniture for a Fairy Tale-Like Life

Fairy tales do come true. Well, somehow they do. While the world of fantasy is far from the reality we are living in, it’s not an excuse not to experience it. Tickle your imagination a bit with creative furniture pieces crafted to bring your fantasies to life. We have here a compilation of fancy home pieces inspired by dreams and tales.

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How to Hang Your Wall Art Right

The beauty of wall art is best appreciated if hung in the right spot. To do this requires good judgment and a little strategy. Symmetry is often the secret.

Know how to hang your wall arts right for an improved interior design with the infographics below.

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Lovely DIY Décors for Heart’s Season

Single or not, you need to feel the sweetness of love at home this season of hearts. And one way to do this is to invite the spirit of love into your own abode. Fill your space with love, emotion and desire today. Watch the most creative DIY tips you could easily pull off for a lovelier ambiance this season.

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AMA Tower eyes urban entrepreneurs

Published in Manila Standard Today, January 31, 2015, Property Section, Page B8.

Published in Manila Standard Today, January 31, 2015, Property Section, Page B8.


Read online version here:

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Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

Holding your office in your condo is quite a challenge. Given its cut and size, setting up your office table and chair requires a good strategy.  But limited space should not be an excuse not to maintain a condo office conducive to work. A lot of ergonomic home office furniture items are designed to save your space without compromising functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

Check out our collection of space-saving home office furniture that will make it so much easier for you to work at home.

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