Picar defines eco-friendly, intelligent with AMA Tower

Published in Malaya on January 22, 2015

Published in Malaya on January 22, 2015

Being an intelligent building is more than just keeping up with the technological revolution to upgrade communication, security and safety features. Being an intelligent building is also about utilizing these technological innovations to become a good friend to the environment.

True to this philosophy, AMA Tower Residences employs green technology towards achieving energy efficiency to its residents. This is done by using low-e glass windows that absorb heat from direct sunlight, allowing brightness to enter the unit while reflecting back heat to the source.

The “e” in low-e glass stands for emissivity, which refers to the ratio of heat released by a surface. Compared with ordinary glass, the amount of heat conducted through low-e glass is around 30% less. This is because low-e glasses are glazed with ultra-thin metallic coating. Unlike the car window tint, metallic oxide coating is invisible to the naked eye. It transmits short wave energy (visible light from the sun) and reflects long wave radiation energy (heat from the sun).

This feature of low-e glass spells many benefits for the unit owner. As Mark Dickinson, a professional involved in the general contracting and landscaping industries, writes in homeadvisor.com, “It protects your home from unwanted UV rays which can burn your skin, fade your carpets and damage your furniture.” He added that low-e glasses save on unnecessary utility expenses while creating a more comfortable living environment.

AMA Tower Residences harnesses the advantages of low-e glass to give unit owners value-for-money investments. Aside from this, the 34-storey small office-home office condominium designed with contemporary architecture also offers an exceptional location that is close to commercial and business centers, universities and health institutions. Its superior amenities include swimming pools, gym, landscaped areas and multipurpose hall as well as CCTV security and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity accessible to every corner of its 34 floors. Different types of stylish units (studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, bi-level and loft) are also designed according to the urbanites’ multi-faceted lifestyle. The tower also affords its residents the spectacular views of the Ortigas and Makati skylines and Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club.

With its vision of fulfilling iconic condo living experience, AMA Tower Residences showcases its take on employing modern technology to enhance urban residential lifestyle by being an intelligent and eco-friendly tower.



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