15 Bedrooms Inspired by Music

Music brings life to the world. It sets our mood, translates our emotions and uplifts our senses. For music lovers, the upbeat and harmony do not end with decibels. It transcends. As the tune becomes their life, it also becomes their world.

Here’s a beautiful collection of spaces inspired by various music genres. It also features furniture pieces designed with melody in mind. Check them out.

Creative-Music-Inspired-Bedroom d85c4a8bd93b613e244841324f62bb4b Guitar-Hero-Wallpaper inspiring-fresh-bedroom-design-with-music-themed inspiring-modern-bedroom-design-with-music-themed new-music-themed-bedroom-ideas 1ebc0dc296e766de6152a2f37f2f45e7 9a250914ab2c07190bafb4a618e93ed4 92ca8eff97d2d20326234ca37e8ada92 72312096e89e870810533ff40694677d b6e9ad065fb711ddf29d1a9b588de50a Beatles-Inspired-Bedroom Bob-Marely-Poster-Bedroom c8ed0cc68ba5e8487b58ea7be4f7ef94 cd24f6241d47119964ba0eb8b37ab12a


Image sources: http://www.rilane.com; http://www.homemydesign.com

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