5 Things New Condo Owners Should Have

While most condos today are fully furnished, sometimes we opt to buy our own furniture to match our preferences. Since condos often have a limited space, practicality is called for when choosing your furnishings well. Too much furniture will only make your space teeming with unnecessary stuff. What you need are a few essentials for a more liveable unit.


Comfy Couch

It won’t fail you during free days. A soft, comfortable couch or sofa is the best spot to read your favorite book or lounge while watching your favorite TV show.


Relaxing Bed

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. So be sure to have a bed fit for your size and space.


Smart Storage

No one wants to see a mess at home so be sure your things are stored properly. Install storage areas where you can stow your stuff for a more organized space.


Kitchen Essentials, Dining Table and Chairs

Cook for yourself or guests. Have a decent kitchen and dining area.  You don’t have to pack it with too much kitchenware. You only need those you usually use in preparing good food.



There will be days when you will have to kill boredom. A television or a game console is enough source of amusement.

Images from http://www.pinterest.com

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