19th Century Police Station Turns Into A Posh Restaurant

This used to be an old police station in Sydney.


An Australian studio named Welsh + Major gave this 19th century Sydney police station a brand new look as an upscale culinary venue. 

Former-Rocks-Police-Station-turned-cafe-by-Welsh-and-Major_dezeen_71 Former-Rocks-Police-Station-turned-cafe-by-Welsh-and-Major_dezeen_1 Former-Rocks-Police-Station-turned-cafe-by-Welsh-and-Major_dezeen_61

Some of the original features of the prison were not removed to add character to the interiors.   

Former-Rocks-Police-Station-turned-cafe-by-Welsh-and-Major_dezeen_121 Former-Rocks-Police-Station-turned-cafe-by-Welsh-and-Major_dezeen_91 Former-Rocks-Police-Station-turned-cafe-by-Welsh-and-Major_dezeen_101

Source: http://www.dezeen.com/2014/05/17/the-rocks-restaurant-old-police-station-converted-into-a-restaurant-welsh-major-sydney/


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