Digitally Embroidered Wallpapers You’ll Want For Your Walls

A few months back, we shared a post dedicated to wonderful wallpapers. And since we love wallpapers (who doesn’t, anyway?), we are glad to share again with you a new way of making your walls more interesting – the digitally embroidered wallpapers by Custhom.

It’s something new to our eyes and it’ll definitely put your guests in awe.



“We’ve taken traditional styles of embroidery and translated them with contemporary tools and digital embroidery techniques, giving the organic designs a clean graphic undertone,” they added.

Embroidered-wallpaper-by-CUSTHOM_dezeen_468_0 Embroidered-wallpaper-by-CUSTHOM_dezeen_468_2 Embroidered-wallpaper-by-CUSTHOM_dezeen_468_4 Embroidered-wallpaper-by-CUSTHOM_dezeen_468_12 Embroidered-wallpaper-by-CUSTHOM_dezeen_468_13

A glimpse of how it’s amazingly done.




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